19 January 2016

Hello, world!


It's my manic period and I decided to start another internet log about another activity of mine: scaled car models, or simply: toy cars.

For the past decade, thanks to my very unique pops, I've been into buying and selling cars.
I've been Car Shark in HO, 1:87 and other popular scales (pun intended).
We had some amazing things like rare variations of Pickford's Removal Van or Opel Diplomat with gray engine.
Hot Wheels in army colors, various Lone Star and Corgi & many, many more

What was once a chore began to grow inside as an odd fascination and, as mentioned in the first paragraph, I am now hyped enough to start this thing: Scaled Scrapyard!

-Why scrapyard though? -fair question! Because I'd like to get into code 2&3 (re-created and pimped cars) and along my regular "buy something new, sell something old/unwanted" routine I will add few new things as well!

Hopefully I'll stay loyal to this idea ;-)


European mid `60's LEGO Mercedes model.